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Our Founder

After 4 years of professional modelling, Ollie figured out lighting is key. However waiting for "Golden hour" Each day wasn't an option in his packed schedule. Tired of poor lighting, our founder took matters into his own hands. It was here that he developed Halcyon.

Our Story

We traveled to Italy on a service project and saw beautiful artwork. Idea! What if we connect these colourful pieces in the form of lighting? And thus, Halcyon was born. We believe that great design and art can make people happy.

All the products we sell are authentic and original editions.

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Founder image

Our mission

Our mission is to fuel lighting wherever you go.  Halcyon is made by passionate people for passionate people. We aim to strive for the best!

Our products are built to last. If there’s a problem with your product, we’ll gladly work with you to repair the item, exchange it, or get you a replacement.

With Halcyon already in Homes all over the world. We hope that one day it becomes a staple in every house.